Independent Driving Routes


Welcome to Independent Driving Routes.

The driving test now includes independent driving, where you will be asked to follow road signs to a given destination.

The problem with this is that road signs can be complicated to understand. You may only get a few seconds to read them before you've passed them, and some don't show the information you're looking for, or may be missing entirely. All this while you're having to control the car and deal with traffic.

This site is designed to help you learn how to follow road signs and markings without having to concentrate on driving the car at the same time.

Ipswich routes

Independent Driving Routes (Ipswich) is now part of Drive MSM

You don't need to be a Drive MSM student to use this site - Everyone is Welcome.

We hope you find the videos useful in preparing for your driving test. We wish you every success when it comes to your big day!

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Click here to see the Ipswich routes.

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